We offer affordable holiday packages in exchange for your time to attend and complete a Vacation Ownership presentation, during your stay, on the benefits of Club Wyndham South Pacific, where an obligation free offer is made on the day to purchase this product.

Are you eligible for a Holidays by Wyndham offer ?

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Before you book a getaway, make sure you can say YES to meeting our income, age and residence eligibility criteria.

I have an annual income of $75,000+ >  INCOME  < We earn a combined annual income of $90,000+
I am aged 25 to 72 years >  AGE  < I/my partner is aged 25 to 72 years
I am a resident of Australia or New Zealand >  RESIDENCE  < I/my partner is a resident of Australia or New Zealand
I am not a WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Owner OWNER > We’re not an existing Club Wyndham South Pacific Owner
I am not a Discovery by Wyndham Member MEMBER < We’re not a Discovery by Wyndham Member


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If you say YES, go ahead book your holiday.

How It Works
(Not applicable to Club Wyndham Owners)

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